As a student at BYU I recognized the pressing need for sexuality education among YSA members of the church. The emerging adulthood years- single, dating, engaged and married- are so important for understanding, preparing for, and teaching healthy sexuality principles. 

Classes at BYU such as The Eternal Family, Sexual Wholeness in Marriage, Sexuality Education in the Curriculum and Parenting and Child Guidance teach that sexuality is not only the physical dimension, but the emotional and spiritual as well and all are needed to fully understand sex.  

“Sex is central to spiritual progression. One of the key tests of our mortal probation is whether we can learn to experience the wonders of our physical bodies in ways that build stronger relationships with God and with our spouse”

Sexual Wholeness in Marriage, pg. 38

This website of sources, as well as firesides, workshops, and conferences offered by Harper Defreitas, aim to help inform, edify, and uplift all members, but is especially geared towards young adult members. 

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