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Why have a website like this you may ask? The need for healthy sexuality education has never been more pressing. Children, teens and adults need a safe resource to get their sexual education from. The media, including pornography, is not the way.

This website comprehensively combines Church doctrine and resources, knowledge from LDS books like Sexual Wholeness in Marriage, And They Were Not Ashamed, A Better Way to Teach Kids About Sex, as well as current social science sexuality research, BYU and other professor teachings, and information from sites like www.teachingsexualhealth.ca. 

“There is nothing unholy or degrading about sexuality in itself, for by that means men and women join in a process of creation and in an expression of love”- President Spencer W. Kimball

Knowing the doctrine and research behind healthy principles of sexuality will enable single and married members to…

  • Strengthen marriages and families
  • Avoid the entrapments of pornography
  • Establish healthy boundaries when dating
  • Have positive body image
  • Abstain from premarital sex and be prepared for sexual relations in marriage
  • Teach children and teens in an age-appropriate manner about sex
  • Understand the beauty and importance of healthy sexuality

Sex is an important part of life- it’s how we all got here and is the means for strengthening marriages. It is important to talk about openly before marriage.

With that in mind, this website is NOT going to cover sexual positions and techniques. It’s main focus is to sacredly and clearly teach about what healthy sexuality is and what it is not.

Meet the ambitious student who is fearlessly compiling the vast array of healthy sexuality education resources. 

Harper Defreitas is a current BYU Senior studying Human Development in The School of Family Life. She is passionate about Healthy Sexuality Education because she knows it changes lives.

She has had the privilege of learning from and doing research with leading Sexuality Education experts who teach at BYU: Jason Carroll, PhD, Chelom Leavitt, JD, MS, Laura Padilla-Walker, Phd and Cougar Hall, Phd. She is working to become a Sexuality Educator and Sex Therapist so she can teach, counsel, and enrich people’s lives with this empowering knowledge.

I hope you can find peace, answers and clarification! Check out our FAQ or take our FREE content quiz that can help you know what topics you might need further clarification on.